EAP gives cost-effective training for the pediatric medical community in Myanmar

This blog post is provided thanks to reports from Hui Kim Yap from the National University of Singapore and Yi Yi Khin from the Yangon Children’s Hospital and Mandalay Children’s Hospital. They both took part in ISN’s Educational Ambassador Program.

In January, ISN Educational Ambassador Hui Kim Yap visited Yangon Children Hospital, Myanmar to share expertise and knowledge. The course focused on dialysis, clinical nephrology, acute kidney injury, transplantation, with some specific educational training on lupus nephritis, nephrotic syndrome in children and managing chronic kidney disease.

Highlighting the cost-effectiveness of this type of training opportunity Yi Yi Khin from the host center explains that general practitioners and pediatricians, pediatric nephrologists and post graduate students traveled from across the country to join the lectures and discussions.

“They learned invaluable knowledge about nephrology within a short training period and had strong support from the Myanmar Pediatric Society. From this, they can create a brighter future for pediatric nephrology services in Myanmar.”

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The added-value is that by sharing knowledge, local pediatricians become more confident in understanding how to treat children with nephrotic syndrome and chronic kidney disease (CKD). They get a better idea of timing to refer young patients to a pediatric nephrologist.

Prof. Yap believes the most rewarding experience of her trip was the interaction with the young doctors “who are hungry for knowledge but have to practise in an environment where resources are limited.”

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She says: “To be “able to discuss the difficult and challenging problems, and suggest possible solutions within the health system available in the country is certainly a very stimulating experience.”

Among several advantages, the ISN Educational Ambassadors Program enables experts in nephrology conduct teaching courses to benefit a wider audience who in general do not have the financial ability to attend the major conferences or teaching seminars conducted by ISN.

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