ISN Fellowship Program Committee

The ISN Fellowship Program provides relevant and contemporary nephrology training to physicians from emerging countries, with the ultimate goal of improving the standards in the Fellows’ home countries upon their return and becoming leaders in their fields.

ISN Fellows receive hands-on training in advanced host institutions, allowing them to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge in basic and clinical nephrology, dialysis, transplantation, and epidemiology. The training focuses on providing the exact skills and knowledge specifically required by the home institution.

The guiding principle of the program is that Fellows are required to return to their home countries after their training to convey knowledge and experience that they acquired during their Fellowship, thereby teaching countless young physicians and providing critical enhancement to kidney disease care in their local communities. A recent survey indicated that upon completion of training and return to their home countries, over 80% of the fellows are now in positions in local academic centers with direct impact on clinical care and teaching.

Over the past two decades, the ISN Fellowship Program has served as an effective vehicle for conveying knowledge, skills, experience and opportunities to younger renal physicians from less privileged parts of the world. Over 500 nephrologists from developing nations have received invaluable training, thanks to the Fellowship Program.

ISN Fellowship Program Committee

  • Chair: Allison Eddy, Canada
  • Somchai Eiam Ong, Thailand
  • Raul Lombardi, Uruguay
  • Mirian Boim, Brazil
  • Sandrine Florquin, Netherlands
  • Alfonso  Cueto Manzano, Mexico
  • Jamil Hachicha, Tunisia
  • Sumaya  Al Ghareeb, Bahrain
  • Suresh Sankarasubbaiyan, India
  • Zhi-Hong Liu, China
  • Aleh Kalachyk, Belarus
  • Gloria Ashuntantang Some, Cameroon
  • Rumeyza Kazancioglu
  • John Ngigi, Kenya

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