0 by 25 Steering Committee

The mission of the 0 by 25 Initiative is to eliminate preventable deaths from Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) worldwide by 2025.

The 0 by 25 Initiative calls for globally applicable strategies that permit a timely diagnosis of acute kidney injury/failure and provide access to renal replacement therapy for patients with potentially reversible diseases.

The Project’s emphasis is on resource poor countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with disadvantaged populations and poor access to care.

0 by 25 Steering Committee

  • Ravindra Mehta – ISN 0by 25 Director (Chair)
  • Jorge Cerda – ISN 0by25 Associate Director
  • Michael Rocco – ISN 0by25 Associate Director
  • John Feehally – ISN Programs Director
  • David Harris – ISN Global Education Director / ISN President Elect (ex officio)
  • Cello Tonelli – ISN Global Research Director
  • Robyn Langham – ISN Global Advocacy Director
  • Adeera Levin – ISN Regional Board Director / ISN President (ex officio)
  • Giuseppe Remuzzi – ISN 0by25 Initiative Founder and Ambassador
  • Louise Fox – ISN 0by25 Project Manager

CLICK HERE for more information about the 0 by 25 Initiative.

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