Issa Alsalmi

I have a long clinical experience since 1993 and worked at various hospitals and countries. I covered both general internal medicine and renal medicine patients at both acute and chronic presentations. I worked in endocrinology and diabetes care and diabetic centre for years before joining nephrology. My interest in diabetes was since student time with great dedication for clinical and research components and number of publications and meetings.

I review dialysis patients as in patients and outpatients and discuss their various medical problems at regular meetings. We, regularly, review cases for kidney transplantation and follow our transplanted patients very closely and manage various medical problems that associate with their diseases and transplant. In addition, I review patients as referrals from various medical, surgical and psychiatric departments with various diagnostic and management challenges.

In addition, we have many patients on dialysis that we follow up regularly. Also, we managed many patients as acute dialysis within and outside the intensive care units. We have regular daily morning meeting with acute medical intake units. We have twice weekly ground round meeting of our entire unit in patients. We held regular weekly journal club the latest update in renal medicine. Furthermore, we have monthly histopathology meeting to discuss all biopsy cases. We have nephrology forum meeting once every two months. In addition, we discuss any concern about patients from out-patients clinics during the ground round meetings.

I have a great interest in the clinical work, health system organisation and management, education and research. I have a long experience in clinical education for students, junior doctors, nurses and paramedics. I have a very good background in research since 1995 and resulted in number of publications. I participate in quality assurance practices at various levels of clinical and administrative levels and departments.

In addition to my work at medical department as a Physician/Nephrologist, I regularly have meeting with vascular surgeon, urologist and ICU staff regarding management of patients with acute and chronic kidney diseases. Also, I review regularly patients in general surgical words, urology, vascular wards and gynaecological words. We held regular meeting to discuss the issues of transplantation and patientsÂ’ admission and transplant list.

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