Nexus and Forefronts Committees

The key purpose of the Forefronts Committee is to organize ISN’s ‘Forefronts in Nephrology Symposia’ that familiarize nephrologists with emerging fields in research. Much of this research comes from outside nephrology, yet will have a major impact on the future of kidney science. By making nephrologists aware of the latest research and findings, ISN ensures that its members are at the ‘forefront’ of renal research. From 2006 to the beginning of 2008 the Forefronts Committee also organized ISN’s Nexus Symposia.

The ISN Nexus Symposia have been designed to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice by offering a profound focus on translational medicine and clinical application. The symposia bring together researchers and practicing clinicians to advance science and treatment around highly targeted and specific themes of current relevance. A dedicated Nexus Committee was established in June 2008.

Both the Committees’ members represent a range of inter-related disciplines in respect of the increasingly multidisciplinary approach to kidney health issues.


The symposia topics, as well as the organizers, are rigorously selected by the Forefronts and Nexus Committees. Selected topics are limited in scope to allow in-depth coverage and quality exchange.

For more information about:
ISN Forefronts Symposia – Click Here
ISN Nexus Symposia – Click Here

Forefronts Committee Membership

Chair: Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany)

Allison Eddy (Canada)
Matthias Kretzler (USA)
Masaomi Nangaku (Japan)
Pierre Ronco (France)
Peter Stenvinkel (Sweden)
Carsten Wagner (Switzerland)
Robert Walker (New Zealand)
Carmen A. Peralta (USA)
Heini Murer (Switzerland) – past co-chair
Kumar Sharma (USA) – ex officio Nexus

Nexus Committee Membership

Chair: Kumar Sharma (USA)

Charles Alpers (USA)
Juergen Floege (Germany) 
Toshio Miyata (Japan)
Heini Murer (Switzerland)
Klaus Olgaard (Denmark)
Sue Quaggin (Canada)
Rob Walker (New Zealand)
Chih-Wei Yang (Taiwan)
Kai-Uwe Eckardt (Germany)
Motoko Yanagita (Japan)
Tom Nijenhuis (The Netherlands)


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