Education Committee

The purpose of ISN’s Education Strategy is to identify, produce, create a repository for and disseminate education resources relevant to ISN’s mission.


The Education committee is in charge of strategy and direction of ISN’s education portal. The Education Committee is responsible for identifying existing and new education resources & links and for developing resources from each member’s specific area of interest and with the Editorial Subcommittee, for adapting those into a format suitable for interactive education on the ISN website.

Committee Membership

Chair: Vivekanand Jha (India)

Editorial Subcommittee

  • Editor: Tushar Vachharajani (USA)
  • Jordan Weinstein (USA)
  • Jai Radhakrishnan (USA)
  • Tejas Desai (USA)

Education Committee

  • Lise Bankir (France)
  • Agnes Fogo (USA)
  • Basu Gopal (India)
  • Guillermo Garcia Garcia (Mexico)
  • Valerie Luyckx (Canada)
  • Richard Phoon (Australia)
  • Cheuk Chun Szeto (Hong Kong)
  • Neil Turner (United Kingdom)
  • Carsten Wagner (Switzerland)
  • Yusuke Suzuki (Japan)
  • Masafumi Fukagawa (Japan)
  • Ming-hui Zhao (China)
  • Chih-Wei Yang (Taiwan)
  • Mark Courtney (Canada)
  • Andrew Lewington (United Kingdom)
  • Sanjib Sharma (Nepal)
  • Isaac Teitelbaum (USA)
  • Irina Bobkova (Russia)
  • Abdou Niang (Senegal)
  • Juan Jose Di Bernardo (Argentina)
  • Rupesh Raina (USA)
  • Edgar Lerma (USA)
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