Publications Committee

The mission of the ISN Publications Committee is to oversee and evaluate all publications efforts of the ISN from a business, organizational and financial point of view; represent the interests of the Society towards partners and vendors in ISN publications efforts; and assist the Society and the respective editors and editorial teams in their overall support of ISN’s mission.


The responsibilities of the Publications Committee are focused on the following publications: Kidney International, Nature Reviews Nephrology, ISN News, ISN Nephrology Gateway.

Editorial functions and decisions are the responsibility of the Editors of each ISN publication. Operational and Administrative functions are the responsibility of Publications Committee, which may delegate these responsibilities to the ISN Headquarters, the ISN Publishing Consultant or other individuals or parties as deemed necessary.

Committee Membership (WCN2013 – WCN2015)

Chair: David Harris (Australia)

Roland Blantz (USA)
Joe Bonventre (USA)
Tom Coffman (USA)
Tilman Drueke (France)
Meguid El Nahas (United Kingdom)
Bert Kasiske (USA)
Roberto Pecoits Filho (Brazil)
Susan Quaggin (USA)
Jai Radhakrishnan  (USA)
Detlef Schlondorff (USA)

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