ISN Council 2003-2009 Elections

Dear ISN Member:

Please do not miss the opportunity to vote for the new ISN
Council members!

A. Councilors ending their term, background

B. Who can vote and where to find your voting sheet
C. How to vote
D. Nominees (biographies and images)
E. Results announced 10 June 2003

A. Councilors ending their term and
background information

Eight Councilors will end their term by June 2003:

Anthony Clarkson (Australia)
Visith Sitprija (Thailand)
Hideto Sakai (Japan)
Carl Mogensen (Denmark)
Claudio Ponticelli (Italy)
Andrew Rees (United Kingdom)
Eberhard Ritz (Germany)
Josephine Briggs (United States).

In addition, there is a ninth vacancy created by the election of Councilor William Couser
(United States) as vice president, which is being temporarily filled by the appointment of
Amin Arnaout (United States), who was the first runner-up for North America in the 2001
elections (in accordance with Article III, Section 6 of the ISN Constitution).

The procedure for filling these vacancies includes three steps
(Article V, Section 2). First, the Nominating Committee is to propose three names per
vacancy. Second, the proposed list is to be reduced to two candidates per vacancy through
a Council ballot. Finally, the membership is to select one candidate for each vacancy
through a general ballot.

The first two steps in this process were completed in Philadelphia
on November 5, 2002. There are now 18 candidates to fill the nine vacancies. The names,
photographs, and brief biographies are being published in Kidney International, ISN News,
and the ISN Web site. All members of the Society except the Corporate are invited and
encouraged to vote.

B. Who can vote and where to find your voting sheet

Only members who paid their dues for the year 2003 can vote!*

The ballot sheet is printed on the back of the address carrier sheet
of your issue of Kidney International of March, April and May 2003. Do NOT
discard this sheet. You need to fill in two codes:

1)  Voting Identification Number (VIN) and
2)  Membership ID

These two codes are printed on top of your name on the
address label of Kidney International

VINs can also be obtained by  e-mail ([email protected])
from the ISN Secretariat.

Joint members
who do not receive the journal will receive ballot sheets from the ISN
Secretariat directly.

*) If you paid your dues after 28 February, your data online have not
been processed. Please contact the Secretariat at [email protected]
to find out your codes and vote on-line (see under C.)

C. How you can vote

The deadline for on-line, mail or fax voting of June 1st has passed.

Your last opportunity to cast your votes is on June
9th at the World Congress of Nephrology in Berlin.Please visit the voting
station at the ISN booth. Only eligible members whose VINs are still ?open?
will be allowed to vote.

Note: Double voting (e.g., via the Web site
and by mail or fax or on-site) will cancel both votes.  

D. Council candidates: biographies and

Biographies of the Council nominees are printed in the March issue of
KI, in ISN News (distributed with KI March), and on this website. Please
for biographies and images.

E. Announcement of results

The votes will be counted on Monday, June 9, 2003, and the results will be announced the
next day.

Rashad Barsoum
ISN Secretary-General

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