International Society of Nephrology – ARF – minutes meetingt in Philadelphia 1998


Philadelphia, October 24th, 1998.

The Commission has convened in San Antonio, November 1997 and the report

has been sent to all members of the Commission and to the President and Secretary General

of the ISN. A copy of this report is attached to this report.

– Most of the activities of the Commission from November 1997 until now

were concentrated on the organisation of the Satellite Meeting on ARF in Santiago in 1999.

Furthermore the President and J. Bonventre of the Commission assisted in fund raising for

the ARF theme in the Congress of Buenos Aires in 1999.

– In close contact with the local organizing committee in Santiago (Prof.

Jalil, Prof. Mezzano, Pof. Schor) a preliminary scientific program for the Satellite has

been established. This program will be further discussed in depth at the meeting of the

ARF Commission in Philadelphia, scheduled for October 25th, 1998. Both Drs. Mezzano and

Jalil have been invited to attend this meeting.

– Dr. George Porter has been nominated as chairman of a financial

committee to assist the local committee in Santiago.

-Dr. R. Mehta is visiting Chile in the month of November while being in

South America for another meeting.

– A revision of the strategy of the Renal Disaster Relief Task Force is

currently discussed. Contacts with many country keymen have been established to obtain

detailed information on their nephrology and dialysis infrastructure. This information

will be shared with the Commission on Global Advancement of Nephrology.

Gent, 16.9.1998

N. Lameire

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