Commission on Clinical Trials in Nephrology

After 2 years of preliminary investigation by the
Clinical Trials Task Force, headed by Shaul Massry, MD, and John Walls, MD, the Commission
on Clinical Trials was established in 1998. Chairs are Shaul Massry, MD, of Los Angeles
and Dick de Zeeuw, MD, of Groningen (the Netherlands).

The Commission focuses on identification of issues requiring clinical trials,
facilitation of clinical trials design, methodology and analysis of data. The educational
focus of the Commission is on organizing symposia and training courses on :

1) conduct of clinical trials
2) statistical analysis of clinical trials and
3) evaluation of outcomes.

Other purposes are to develop a curriculum for fellowship in clinical trials and
training for potential principal investigators, especially from developing countries, in
clinical trials.

The members of the Commission are: Drs. Shaul Massry
(chair), Dick De Zeeuw (co-chair), John Walls (member Europe), Giuseppe Remuzzi (member
Europe), Edmund Lewis (member USA), Joel D. Kopple (member USA), Gavin Becker (member
Australia), Ryuichi Kikkawa (member Japan), M.R. Moosa (member  Africa), Emmanuel
Burdmann (member Latin America), Garabed Eknoyan (NKF), William Keane (NKF), John Kusek
(NIH), Denis Fouque (liaison with the Cochrane Groups).

A committee chaired by Dr. Dick de Zeeuw is being set up to develop a curriculum
for fellowships in Clinical Trials
and Epidemiology. Guidelines and requirements
will be set for training programs in this field.

Three additional Committees have been appointed

  • A committee to create a registry of current ongoing Clinical Trials throughout the
  • A committee to develop a list of the priorities for issues that require Clinical Trials.
  • A committee to explore and develop appropriate contacts for potential sources of funds
    for Clinical Trials.

A Symposium on Clinical Trials was held in Buenos Aires (Committee members: Drs.
William Keane, John Kusek, Claudio Ponticelli, George Bakris, Denis Fouque). The program
consisted of two 2-hour sessions on day 2 and 3 of the Congress.

The last meeting of the Clinical Trials Commission was in Buenos Aires, May 1999.

Shaul Massry, MD: fax
1 (213) 226 5390
Dick de Zeeuw, MD:
fax 31 (50) 363 2812, e-mail: [email protected]

last update: 09 September, 1999





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