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Why supporting the ISN counts

A portable dialysis machine delivered to victims after a disaster, expert nephrology training and education where it is needed the most, screening for kidney disease in regions where there is nowhere else to turn, helping hospitals in developing countries to become a reference in preventing and treating kidney diseases. These are just some examples of how donations are put to work through ISN.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the ISN is empowering people to perform extraordinary acts in the face of very challenging healthcare conditions or medical emergencies. Our supporters have become part of a network of more than 9000 people who donate their time, money and expertise to the humanitarian work of the ISN. We thank them for their gifts and we are privileged to put their compassion into action.

Donate to the ISN today and transform the lives of kidney disease patients and specialists worldwide. You can change how kidney disease is diagnosed and treated around the world.

We need your help

Every cent raised provides valuable training and education to kidney specialists, clinical physicians and other healthcare professionals in emerging countries so they can set up prevention and screening programs and improve care for patients suffering from kidney disease. Learning from experts around the world, they will gain access to the highest-quality information and resources available, become leaders in their  field and save more lives back home.

Your fundraising efforts will also help renal centers in emerging and developed countries work together and build lasting partnerships to reduce the impact and frequency of this disease.

ISN Schrier Fund

Renal disease is directly responsible for over one million deaths a year worldwide. It also contributes importantly towards morbidity from cardiovascular disease in over 12 million individuals — numbers are steeply rising because of the type–2 diabetes pandemic.

To immediately address this alarming reality, The Barbara L. and Robert W. Schrier Family Fund for Global Development in Nephrology was launched during the 3rd World Congress of Nephrology in Singapore in 2005. Thanks to a very personal and generous gesture, ISN is being aided in its mission of prevention and its goal to reduce the incidence and impact of kidney disease around the world.Peter_Stockman

The fund is dedicated to supporting ISN’s substantial outreach and capacity building programs in emerging countries. It helps to enhance programs such as (but not limited to) the ISN Fellowship Program, the ISN Renal Sister Centers and Continuing Medical Education. It will also seed the development of new initiatives to help the prevention and progression of renal disease.

Mrs. and Professor Schrier have generously provided a seed endowment of US$ 80,000.00 and have appealed to the ISN global community to match the amount twice over.

ISN encourages its members and the renal community at large to act in the spirit of Barbara and Robert Schrier and contribute towards the Fund to achieve the initial funding goal and beyond.


All donations made in USD by US residents qualify as charitable contributions and may therefore be tax deductible. Contributors living outside the US need to inquire what the law in their country states for contributions. The ISN will provide you with an official Receipt of Charitable Donation upon request. We thank you for contributing generously to ISN; your contribution will make a difference.

In addition to the ISN Schrier Fund, we also offer donations for the following categories:

  • Unrestricted Donation
  • Sister Renal Center
  • Fellowships
  • CME
  • Educational Ambassadors Program
  • Research and Prevention Program
  • ISN-India Committee

Ways to donate

Making a donation is simple and can be carried out securely by credit card online, by cheque or bank transfer. All donations qualify as charitable contributions and may therefore be tax deductible.  ISN will provide you with an official Receipt of Charitable Donation. Thank you for supporting the ISN.

Or download donation form

For more information, please contact:

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Tel: +32 2 213 13 67
Fax: +32 2 213 13 63

ISN Americas Operations Center
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