Webinar: AKI following Herbal Therapies

This ISN webinar will increase awareness of use of traditional and complementary remedies as well as the potential toxicity of traditional and complementary remedies. It will also demonstrate the increased need to improve communication with pateints to understand patterns of these remedies’ use and their implications.


Description of the Webinar

Most users of traditional and complementary do not get acute kidney injury (AKI). In some regions, however, up to 35% of AKI results from traditional remedy use. All forms of renal injury are described. Some compounds may be directly toxic, but other circumstances may enhance toxicity such as dehydration, incorrect use, contamination of compounds etc. Given the widespread use of traditional and complementary remedies, as clinicians we should be vigilant but not judgmental about use of these remedies, encourage patients to disclose their use and observe patients closely for any toxicity. 

Webinar Registration: 

This webinar took place on Friday, Jan 29th from 11AM – 12PM CET (Paris).

For those unable to attend this live webinar, the webcast recording is now available below: 


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About the Facilitator


Professor Valerie Luyckx – 

Dr Luyckx’s primary interest is in Global Heath, specifically the area of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and management of kidney disease in underserved populations in developed and developing countries. Her clinical experience includes practice of Nephrology and Internal Medicine across a broad range of health systems, in South Africa, Malawi, USA and urban and remote Canada. Her ongoing interests in Developmental Origins of Adult Disease and the renal effects of Alternative/Traditional Medicine complement her interest in Global Health aspects of kidney disease.



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