33rd International Vicenza Course on Critical Care Nephrology: Presentation Collection

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33rd International Vicenza Course on Critical Care Nephrology

Opening Ceremony

  • Critical Care Nephrology from origin to today – C. Ronco
  • Anecdotes in Critical Care Nephrology – J. Kellum

Session 1: Epidemiology of AKI 

  • AKI Classification and the Conceptual Model of AKI – J. Kellum
  • Epidemiology and Outcomes of AKI in Hospital and ICU – E. Hoste
  • Incidence and Outcomes of AKI in Sepsis and MOF – R. Bellomo
  • Incidence and Outcomes of AKI in Cardiac Surgery – N. Katz
  • Risk Factors for AKI in Hospital and ICU – M. Rosner

Session 2: AKI – ICT and Economics, Debate on Renal Angina

  • Electronic Records & Sniffers – K. Kashani
  • The Health Economics of AKI – A. Lewington
  • Renal Angina: New Concept, Perfect Term – L.S. Chawla

Session 3: RRT in AKI and Critical Illness

  • Evolution of Technology in CRRT – C. Ronco
  • Renal Remplacement Therapy: When to start in AKI – S. Bagshaw
  • Clinical Indications and Patient Selection – R. Mehta
  • Treatment Modality Selection – A. Tolwani
  • How and why do filters clot? – R. Bellomo

Session 4: Multiple Organ Support Therapies

  • Extracorporeal Ultrafiltration for Heart Failure – C. Ronco
  • Extracorporeal CO2 Removal – C. Ronco
  • Extracorporeal Liver Support – J.A. Wendon
  • CRRT and ECMO – A. Shaw

Session 5: Biomarkers of AKI

  • AKI Biomarkers: Which One? How to Use Them? – M. Haase
  • Does Renal Functional Reserve Exist in ICU Patients? – R. Bellomo
  • Biomarkers and AKI Prevention – J. Kellum
  • Biomarker-Driven Change in AKI Therapy – N. Gibney

Session 6: AKI – Pathophysiology, Prevention, Recovery, Progression

  • Septic Kidney Injury: Update on Pathophysiology – B. Molitoris
  • Prevention of AKI: What Evidence? – M. Joannidis
  • Pathways of Renal Recovery or Progression after AKI – R. Mehta
  • Modality of Artificial Renal Support and Renal Recovery – R. Bellom
  • Ischemic Preconditioning – J. Kellum

Session 7: CardioRenal Crosstalk 

  • AKI after Acute Myocardial Infarction: Contrast, Organ Crosstalk and Complications – P. McCullough
  • Importance of Congestion and Diastolic Dysfunction – M. S?emann
  • Uric Acid as a risk factor for heart and kidney therapeutic management – C. Ronco
  • Acute and Chronic Cardiovascular Effects of Hyperkalemia: New Insights into Prevention and Clinical Management – P. McCullough
  • New Therapeutic Strategy of Aquaresis for Cardiorenal Syndrome – K. Doi

Session 8: Fluid management

  • Fluid Assessment, Outcomes and Strategies in the Critically Ill – R. Mehta
  • Balanced Fluid or Saline? – R. Bellomo
  • Use of Diuretics in the Critically Ill and CRS – L.S. Chawla
  • Indications to Medical Fluid Removal in HF and Fluid Overload – M. Ostermann

Session 9: Critical Care Nephrology Issues

  • A case study using Lectin-Affinity Plasmapheresis in the Treatment of Ebola Virus Disease – R. Kenley
  • AKI in Trauma: Rhabdomyolysis & Burms – F. Mariano
  • Sorbent Therapy and Endotoxin Removal – C. Ronco
  • Renal Outcomes after Cardiac Surgery – A. Shaw
  • High Cut Off Membranes – G. Villa
  • Citrate vs Heparin vs No Anticoagulation – P. Honor?
  • RRT in Critically Ill Children and Neonates – S. Goldstein

Session 10: New Horizons in AKI and CRRT

  • Hypothermia & the Kidney – S. De Rosa
  • Nomenclature for RRT in AKI – J. Cerda
  • From the Italian Survey: the IRRIV Score – J. Zaragoza
  • Metabolic Alkalosis in the ICU – M. Emmett


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