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This presentation was held during the ISN Forefronts Symposium “Stem Cells And Kidney Regeneration” 12-15 September 2013 Florence, Italy by Dr. Kaoru Sugimoto.

Dr. Kaoru Sugimoto is a Senior Research Fellow in the Division of Biology at California Institute of Technology. Her research goal is to understand mechanisms of plant regeneration. After getting a PhD in animal developmental biology in the University of Tokyo, she moved to the field of plant biology and joined Elliot Meyerowitz’s lab in 2006. In her years of postdoctoral research, she has especially focused on describing the cellular origin and the differentiation states of regenerating cells in Arabidopsis plant, and has reviewed various regeneration systems in plants and animals as a comparative study.

Kaoru Sugimoto.mp4 from ISN Education on Vimeo.

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