Integrative Biology: Lessons to be Learned from Prostate Cancer audioicon

Profiling and integrative analysis of the prostate cancer transcriptome, genome and metabolome has identified chromosomal rearrangements, copy number gains/losses, mutations, genes with outlier expression and transcriptional programs that drive prostate cancer development and progression. Lessons learned from leveraging large, disparate data sources to understand disease biology and impact clinical medicine in cancer, as well as non-cancerous diseases, will be discussed. Results from comprehensive characterization of the prostate cancer genome and a novel clinical trial based on comprehensive genomic/transcriptomic assessment of tumors from patients with late stage cancer in real time (MI-ONCOSEQ) will be highlighted. 

This was presented at the ISN Forefronts Symposium event “Systems Biology and the Kidney” that took place from 7-10 June in AnnArbor , Michigan, US.

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