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System’s Biology is a broad topic and there is no single analysis tool.  The choice of analysis methods will depend on the type of data which is collected or used in simulations and modeling.  There are many web based tools which can together help scientists make sense of high throughput data and analyses at the systems level.  In this short presentation, we will use an experiment guided example to introduce the audience to a series of web resources freely available to researchers, including: sequence analysis, gene-set enrichment, building networks which can visualize connection and changes in experimental data.   In addition, we will profile some of the more complex modeling software tools for complex systems.  Some of the tools which will be demonstrated include: Galaxy Server,  ConceptGen,  LRPath,  Metab2Mesh, and MetScape.   We will also describe other tools for more complex modeling and simulation.

This was presented at the ISN Forefronts Symposium event “Systems Biology and the Kidney” that took place from 7-10 June 2012 in AnnArbor , Michigan, US.

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