Top Nephrology Content on ISN Education in 2015


ISN Education is pleased to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year 2016.

To celebrate the New Year, ISN Education is pleased to present its top content among its 427 educational items released in 2015.


WCN 2015 Renal Biopsy Histology Procedure Manual (in EN, FR & RU)
manual   WCN 2015 Renal Biopsy Histology Procedure Manual      

Click here to read the manual in English, French and Russian!

    Click here to view more Pathology content
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Conference Presentations 2015  
Check out the presentation collections from these conferences held in 2015:                                   

World Congress of Nephrology 2015 (Cape Town) 

AKI & CRRT 2015 (San Diego, USA)

ISN Forefronts 2015 (Shenzhen, China)

Vicenza Course on Critical Care Nephrology 2015 (Italy)

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Cochrane Libraries
   Cochrane Logo

In partnership with Cochrane Kidney and Transplant, two “Cochrane Libraries” were published on ISN Education in 2015. They include slides, podcasts, articles and commentary on the latest research developments in nephrology.

Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents for anemia

Treatment for Lupus Nephritis

    Discover more materials by Cochrane Kidney and Transplant on ISN Education 
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E-learning module on Dialysis Vascular Access

This interactive module, published in partnership with the Nephrology Education Network, introduces the different types of vascular access and introduces the use of ultrasound as an adjunct to clinical assessment skills.

    > Click here to access the e-module

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UKidney ADPKD Wall of Experts

ADPKD Wall of Experts

A resource by UKidney where experts answer questions on the natural history, diagnosis and treatment of Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease.

    Read more expert Q&A on nephrology topics – Ask the Expert

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WCM Renal Pathology Tissue Handling Videos  

fresh tissue pathology 

fixed tissue pathology

Tissue handing in fresh and fixed states

Produced by Surya Seshan of ISN’s Pathology Committee and her Electron Microscopy laboratory team at Weill Cornell Medicine, these videos demonstrate the tissue triaging procedure for renal needle core biopsies that are delivered in both fresh and fixed/preserved states to the laboratory.

They expand on the approaches described in the WCN 2015 Renal Biopsy Histology Procedure Manual.

View the videos: Fresh SpecimenFixed Specimen


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Film: The Human Kidney; Vascular-Tubular Relationships

This movie, produced by Reiner Beeuwkes and Clifford BARGER at Harvard Medical School in 1975, uses Microfil silicone rubber to illustrate the vascular-tubular relationships in the human kidney.

CLICK HERE to view the film

(Special thanks to Lise Bankir for making this film available.)


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Ask the Expert: Top Questions in 2015

Can we predict renal outcome in patients who develop AKI; non-iatrogenic and non-nosocomial?
(Asked by Dr. Chetan Mahajan)

CLICK HERE for an answer by ATE expert Paul Palevsky

When do you biopsy in patients with AKI?
(Asked by bahaa)

CLICK HERE for an answer by ATE expert Sanjay Agarwal

Lupus nephritis class 4 and cellpt or Myfortic patient on dialysis
(Asked by oscar)

CLICK HERE for an answer by ATE experts Cheuk Chun Szeto and Jai Radhakrishnan


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