The KDIGO Guidelines on Glomerulonephritis: reading between the guidelines: a case of membranous nephropathy audioicon

The KDIGO guideline for glomerulonephritis is designed to assist health care providers in treating patients with glomerular diseases. A guideline is not a set of rules but is intended to allow the practitioner to make an informed decision based on the available evidence. Due to the general nature and the variability of strength of the available studies, it is often difficult to directly apply a guideline to the care of an individual patient .This commonly relates to the limited generalizability of the evidence ie does not cover ever clinical scenario. To underline this point, we have introduced within the context of the GN guideline cases with specific features to illustrate the constant need for clinician judgment. These cases are intended to illustrate how the best treatment plans should be individualized and take into account, patient preference, clinical acumen as well as the best available evidence.


WATCH THE CASE: a Case of membraneous nephropathy

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