Heparin-coated dialyzer membranes: is non-inferiority good enough? (Commentary)

Evidence on the optimal anticoagulation regimen for hemodialysis in patients at high bleeding risk is scarce. The HepZero study is the first large multinational study comparing two different anticoagulation satrategies to avoid systemic heparinization. The use of a heparin-coated dialysis membrane proved to be non-inferior to saline infusion. Superiority of either treatment, however, could not be demonstrated. These findings challenge current guidelines but equally raise questions on the choice of either strategy as compared with regional citrate anticoagulation.

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Authors: Bj?rn K I Meijers, Ruben Poesen and Pieter Evenepoel

Reference: Kidney Int 86: 1084-1086; doi:10.1038/ki.2014.315

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