20th International Vicenza Course on Hemodialysis and CKD

vicenza course


20th International Vicenza Course on Hemodialysis and CKD

Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Remarks – C. Ronco
  • Welcome from Italian Society of Nephrology – R. Coppo
  • International Society for Hemodialysis award for best abstracts –M. Misra
  • Invited Opening Lecture: The future of health care reform – A.Milburn

Session 1: Organization Models: Dialysis Networks 

  • The Search for a Standard of Care – J.Hegbrant
  • Risk Management: working for safety – J.Bosch
  • The Medical Director: working efficacy – A. Nissenson
  • Delivering optimal quality of care managing all stakeholders’ interests – A.Stopper

Session 2: New Perspectives in HD

  • HD initiation in relationship to the IDEAL data – J.Collins
  • Lessons from recent trials in HD – S.Locatelli
  • More frequent hemodialysis; what do we know, where do we stand? – N. Levin
  • Nocturnal Dialysis: the FHN trial – M. Rocco
  • Dialysis management in elderly patients – M. Rosner
  • Perspectives in home HD therapy – N. Hoenich

Session 3: Cardiovascular Issues

  • Uric acid: metabolic and cardiovascular risk – A. Covic
  • Micro inflammation and endothelial damage in CKD and hemodialysis – P. Aljama
  • Biomarkers of chronic inflammatory state in uremia and CVD – V. Panichi
  • The burdne of cardiovascular risk in CKD and dialysis patients (CRS Type 4) – A.House
  • Disparities of treatment for ACS and Heart Failure in CKD patients – P. Mc Cullough

Session 4: Vascular access and dry weight

  • Is Dialysis Catheter harming the patient? – M. Kuhlmann
  • The evils of intradialytic sodium loading – P. Kotanko
  • Is AV fistula harming the patient? – R. Amerling
  • The concept of wet and dry BNP – A. Maisel
  • The wonders of ultrasonography – M. Pittiruti

Session 5: Evolution of Dialysis Membranes

  • Recent trials on Hemodiafiltration – F.Locatelli
  • The treatment of HCV with Affinity Plasmapheresis on Dialysis Machines – R. Kenley
  • From High flux to super high flux – M. Kuhlmann
  • Antioxidant dialytic approach with vitamin E coated membranes – F. Nalesso
  • Light chain removal: HCO membranes – A. Santoro

Session 6: Lipid disorders & metabolism

  • Statins and lipid lowering strategies in cardio-renal patients – S.Bianchi
  • Results from recent trials – D. de Zeeuw
  • Factors determining insulin resistance in hemodialysis patients – A. Ikizler
  • The spectrum of metabolic alterations in dialysis – M. Misra
  • Lipid disorders in uremia and dialysis – W.Keane
  • New insights on inflammation and protein energy wasting in CKD – P.Stenvinkel

Session 7: Ca, P, Vit D and VDRA 

  • VDR Activators: clinical outcomes – A. Covic
  • Restoring the physiology of VDR activation and the concept of selectivity – M. Cozzolino
  • The impact of paricalcitol on CKD progression measured by albuminuria (The VITAL study) – D. de Zeeuw
  • The impact of paricalcitol on LVH (The PRIMO study) – M. Cozzolino
  • VDRA: Implications to daily practice – D. Warnock

Session 8: Fluid overload in HD and AKI

  • Blood Volume & Biofeedback – A.Santoro
  • Body composition and Heart rate variability to achieve dry weight and tolerance – F. Nalesso
  • Extracorporeal Ultrafiltration for congestive heart failure patients – M.R. Costanzo
  • BIVA + BNP in the emergency room – S. Di Somma

Session 9: Acute Kidney Injury

  • AKI Biomarkers and endpoints for Clinical Trials – P. Murray
  • AKI: can we prevent it? – P. Mc Cullough
  • Impact of AKI on CKD and its progression – M.Okusa
  • Special Lecture: Acute Kidney Injury and its management – J. Kellum

Session 10: Wearable Dialysis Technology

  • Financial implications from application of wearable technology – R. Greenwood
  • Clinical benefits of a wearable approach – A. Davenport
  • The WAK project: where are we? – V. Gura
  • Wearable dialysis: what is missing – H.D. Polaschegg
  • Wearable ultrafiltration for heart failure – C. Ronco

Session 11: Anemia and its management

  • New ESAs and new Iron formulations – F. Locatelli
  • Impact of dialytic technique on anemia – V. Panichi
  • Anemia Trials in CKD and Clinical practice: Refining the approach to ESA’s use – A. De Francisco
  • Anemia and Hypoalbuminemia as Prognostic Indicators in HD: Fact or Artefact? – R. Amerling
  • Anemia in HD and PD: similar treatments? – J. Burkart
  • The Cardio Renal Anemia syndrome – S. von Heahling

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