Issues in dialysis: selection of 7 chapters

ISN Education features seven selected chapters from the book: “Issues in Dialysis” edited by Stephen Z. Fadem.

The selected chapters:

2. The Course of Therapy – Changing the Paradigm;pp. 35-47
6. Intensified Hemodialysis Programs for Children and Adolescents;pp. 103-112
7. The Wearable Artificial Kidney – A Paradigm Change in the Treatment of ESRD;pp. 113-122
8. Is Dialysis Ever An Inappropriate Therapy?;pp. 123-133
10. Mechanisms causing Muscle Wasting in Kidney Disease and other Catabolic conditions;pp. 149-166
11. The Dysregulated Immune System of Patients on Dialysis;pp. 167-192
18.Cardiac Surgery in the End Stage Renal Disease Population:General Considerations, Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes;pp. 309-319


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