Webinar: The effects of water on kidney health

This webinar will explore the relationship of water and the kidney and it’s potential treatment role in chronic kidney disease.


Description of the Webinar

Since life forms emerged from water to land, antidiuretic hormone (ADH) has played a central role in water homoeostasis necessary for terrestrial habitat. While essential for sustaining intravascular volume for such vital issues as flight and fight reaction, it may longterm have negative effects increasing proteinuria, renal plasma flow, and hyper filtration,  accelerating loss of kidney function. Humans are normally antidiuretic, but ingestion of supplemental water can significantly reduce ADH levels. We will explore the relationship and it’s potential treatment role in chronic kidney disease.

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About the Facilitator


Dr. William Clark is a Professor of Medicine at Western University Canada whose research has been directed at interventions that prevent progressive renal disease. He is author of more than 382 scholarly publications, serves on the Boards of the World Apheresis Association, the Canadian Apheresis Group and is Scientific Co-Chair, Biomedical Research Council of the Kidney Foundation of Canada. Dr. Clark is the 2012 recipient of the National Medal of Research Excellence of Kidney Foundation of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.


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