Webinar series: Commentary on the ISPD 2010 update on PD related infections

This series by Dr. Thomas Golper will focus on key points in the 2010 ISPD Guidelines on Peritonitis Management.

Description of the Webinar

The 2010 ISPD Guidelines on Peritonitis Management is an outstanding document, well worth reading. In the Webinar we will discuss methods to measure infection rates and their roles in improving management of current infections and the prevention of future events.

Antibiotics will be discussed in the context of empiric and organism-specific therapy, as well as for the development of center-specific protocols to cover the organisms in one’s neighborhood. Intermittent versus continuous antibiotic dosing involves basic pharmacokinetics for efficacy and avoiding toxicity. Specific pathogens are noteworthy for their virulence, tissue damage (e.g. loss of peritoneal membrane function) and antibiotic resistance.

The role of prophylactic antibiotics in oral, GI and vaginal procedures and during systemic antibiotics will be described. Lastly, in order to actually categorize infections for the design, execution and appreciation of studies of infections, proper and uniform definitions are necessary.

The session webcasts

This webinar series was split into two different talks followed by a Q&A session. 

Part I : Emphasis on Epidemiology & Etiology


Part I: Question & Answer Session: 



Part II : Management Guidelines


Part II Question & Answer Session: 


About the Facilitator

golper Dr. Golper began treating PD patients and doing research In PD in 1979. Along with Bill Keane and Stephen Vas, he helped form ISPD’s Ad Hoc Committee on Peritonitis Management and served on it until 2000.  In the early 1990’s he led the Network 9 Peritonitis and Catheter Survival Study.  In 1995 he chaired the first two NKF-DOQI Peritoneal Dialysis Adequacy Work Groups. He currently is working to bring Canadian and US nephrologist into a collaboration called the North American Research Consortium in PD. 

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