18th Vicenza Course on Peritoneal Dialysis

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18th Vicenza Course on Peritoneal Dialysis

Session 1: The Fundamentals of PD

  • Comparing PD to Hemodialysis: similarities and diversities – C.Ronco
  • Fundamentals of peritoneal membrane transport – B. Rippe
  • Peritoneal ultrafiltration: physiology and failure – M. Flessner
  • Long term changes in solute transport – S. Davies
  • Long term changes in fluid transport – A. Coester
  • The rationale for different PD schedules – J. Burkart

Session 2: The Vicenza PD Course

  • The Vicenza PD course from origin to today – C.Ronco
  • The impact of the Vicenza Course on education in PD worldwide – D. Oreopoulos

Session 3: Biology of peritoneal membrane

  • PD: a biological membrane with a non biological fluid – A.J?rres
  • Mechanism of mesothelial apoptosis in relation with PD fluids – C.Ronco on behalf of L. Gotloib
  • Different aspects of peritoneal damage: fibrosis and sclerosis – G.Garosi
  • Biological markers in the PD effluent: are they useful? – R.Krediet
  • Lights and shadows of the “Three pore model” – B.Rippe

Session 4: Peritoneal dialysis solutions

  • Peritoneal Angiogenesis in response to dialysis fluid – B.Rippe
  • Towards the ideal Peritoneal dialysis solution – W. Van Biesen
  • Tailoring PD fluid for optimal acid base targets – M. Feriani
  • Agents that modulate Peritoneal Membrane structure and function – C.Ronco on behalf of L.Gotloib
  • How to assess peritoneal transport: Which test should we use? – O. Heimb?rger

Session 5: Clinical aspects of dialysis: Cardiovascular

  • Blood pressure regulation in PD Patients – F. Finkelstein
  • Dry body weight and ultrafiltration targets in peritoneal dialysis – R. Krediet
  • Acute hemodynamic effects of PD exchange – W. Van Biesen
  • Cardiovascular complications in PD patients – B. Piraino
  • Brain Natriuretic Peptide in PD Patients – M. Haapio
  • Pertioneal dialysis in patients with congestive heart failure – J. Burkart

Session 6: Inflammation and nutrition

  • Metabolic consequences of peritoneal dialysis treatment – R. Pecoits Filho
  • The role of nutritional status in the outcome of PD patients – R. De Mutsert
  • Erythropoietin in peritoneal dialysis: how to optimize therapy? – G.Brunori
  • Inflammation in PD: Mechanisms, biomarkers and effects on outcomes – O. Heimb?rger on behalf of P.Stenvinkel

Session 7: Adequacy in PD: Kt/V and beyond

  • Is there a holistic concept for adequacy? – C.Ronco
  • How should we measure adequacy in the clinic – O.Heimb?rger
  • How can we cope with guidelines? – R. Amerling
  • PD Adequacy: not just small solute clearance – I. Teitalbaum
  • Importance of residual renal function and PD in anuric patients – A. Rodrigues
  • Health-related quality of life in PD patients – F.Finkelstein

Session 8: Complications of PD and their Management

  • Peritoneal dialysis-related infections recommendations – B.Piraino
  • New treatment options and protocols for PD-related peritonitis – I.Teitelbaum
  • Lipid disorders, Statins and the PD membrane – O.Heimb?rger
  • Complications of the peritoneal access and their mangement – M.Riella

Session 9: Calcium Phosphorus, VDR and PD

  • Calcium-Phosphorus metabolism in PD patients – F.Finkelstein
  • The physiology of Vit. D Receptor activation – J.Valdivielso
  • The importance of VDRs activation in clinical practice – M. Cozzolino
  • New Acquisition in the therapy of SHPT in CKD and PD patients – D.Brancaccio

Session 10: PD as a first choice treatment: advantages and barriers

  • PD survey results – N.Lameire
  • Result from dialysis opinion survey system – I.Ledebo
  • Barriers to the implementation of a PD Program – F.Martino
  • How to persuade PD – skeptical hemodialysis fans – A.Rodrigues
  • How to make PD affordable in developing countries – G.Abraham
  • PD before transplantation and after transplant failure – T.Lobbedez

Session 11: Peritoneal dialysis in special settings

  • Decision making around dialysis options – A.Mooney
  • PD in the unplanned start patient- J.Povlsen
  • Peritoneal dialysis in the elderly – E.Brown
  • Peritoneal dialysis in developing countries – Ks Nayak
  • Peritoneal dialysis dialysis in Acute Kidney Injury – C Y Chionh
  • Cost benefits of PD in specific patients groups – A.Rodrigues

Session 12: The present and future of Peritoneal Dialysis

  • CAPD and APD: are there differences in outcome? – R.Dell’aquila
  • The wearable artificial kidney: is PD the solution? – C.Ronco
  • What will be the role of industry in the future? – P.Rutherford
  • The Role of ISPD in the future of PD – S. Davies
  • Long term changes in fluid transport – W.K. Lo
  • Where is PD going in the next ten years – J. Burkart

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