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ISN Education features two chapters of the newly published book, edited by John Feehally, Christopher McIntyre and J. Stewart Cameron. “Landmarks in Nephrology” points the reader to some of the seminal observations which have led to the practice of nephrology as we know it today.

Twenty areas of nephrology are covered by discrete chapters, with the editors selecting the ten most important papers ever published in that field. These range from observational and experimental studies from the 18th century, which laid the groundwork for our current understanding of the kidney, through to recent randomized controlled clinical trials. The papers also reflect the emergence of nephrology as a speciality in the last fifty years, stimulated particularly by the introduction of renal biopsy and the development of dialysis and transplantation as effective forms of renal replacement therapy. For each paper, there is a succinct commentary which highlights the importance of the work in its historical context, as well as a recommended reading section to encourage the interested reader to explore further.

The two selected chapters are Chapter 7: Secondary glomerular disease—since 1950 by  Richard J. Glassock and Chapter 9: Diabetes and renal disease Eberhard Ritz and John Feehally:

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1: Andrew Salmon: Glomerular Structure & Function
2: Robert J. Unwin and Stephen B. Walsh: Tubular Structure & Function
3: Guy H. Neild: Investigation of Renal Disease
4: Katherine A. Hillman and Adrian S. Woolf: Inherited Renal Disease
5: J. Stewart Cameron: Glomerular Disease before 1950
6: Richard J. Glassock: Primary Glomerular Disease since 1950
7: Richard J. Glassock: Secondary Glomerular Disease
8: Trevor Gerntholtz: Infection and Renal Disease
9: Eberhard Ritz and John Feehally: Diabetes and renal disease
10: Dharmvir Jaswal and Adeera Levin: Acute Kidney Injury
11: Maarten Taal: Chronic Kidney Disease
12: Nathan W. Levin and Thomas A. Depner: Haemodialysis
13: Jan H. M. Tordoir: Vascular Access for Haemodialysis
14: Martin Wilkie and Sarah Jenkins: Peritoneal Dialysis
15: Aisling Courtenay: Transplantation
16: Christopher W. McIntyre: Cardiovascular disease
17: John Cunningham: Bone and Mineral Metabolism in Chronic Kidney Disease
18: Christopher G. Winearls: Renal Anaemia
19: Robert N. Foley: Clinical Epidemiology
20: Fredric O. Finkelstein and Susan H. Finkelstein: Health-related quality of life and the patient perspective



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