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Cancer Gene Therapy Endostatin therapy reveals a U-shaped curve for antitumor activity
Cell Research TGF-beta and cancer: Is Smad3 a repressor of hTERT gene?
The EMBO Journal Activation of p38 MAP kinase by DNA double-strand breaks in V(D)J recombination induces a G2/M cell cycle checkpoint
EMBO Reports Ancient DNA research goes nuclear
European Journal of Human Genetics Carrier testing in minors: a systematic review of guidelines and position papers
Genes and Immunity An investigation of transmission ratio distortion in the central region of the human MHC
Heredity Developmental instability as an estimator of genetic stress
International Journal of Obesity Effect of polymorphisms in the PPARGC1A gene on body fat in Asian Indians
Journal of Investigative Dermatology Three severe cases of EBS Dowling-Meara caused by missense and frameshift mutations in the keratin 14 gene
Kidney International Upregulation of osteopontin gene expression in diabetic rat proximal tubular cells revealed by microarray profiling
Molecular Psychiatry Genetics of suicide
Molecular Systems Biology Ab initio genotype-phenotype association reveals intrinsic modularity in genetic networks
Nature Multiplex amplification of the mammoth mitochondrial genome and the evolution of Elephantidae
Nature Genetics Feedback repression is required for mammalian circadian clock function
Nature Reviews Genetics Teaching resources for genetics
Neuropsychopharmacology A null mutation of the serotonin 6 receptor alters acute responses to ethanol
Oncogene RING finger-dependent ubiquitination by PRAJA is dependent on TGF-beta and potentially defines the functional status of the tumor suppressor ELF
The Pharmacogenomics Journal Haloperidol induces apoptosis via the 2 receptor system and Bcl-XS
Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Disease Loss of heterozygosity of M6P/IGF2R gene is an early event in the development of prostate cancer


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