Meet ISN Education Editor Tushar Vachharajani

In between clicks, I sat down with ISN News to talk about the great pool of resources that ISN Education has become and looked at what is coming up for the future. The full interview is also available in the February 2014 edition of ISN News, CLICK HERE.

What is the aim of ISN Education?

The global epidemic of chronic kidney disease and shortage of nephrology workforce has clearly stretched the traditional training programs. In this era of internet-based learning, I envision ISN Education portal as becoming a leader, by providing excellent self-learning resources. Web-based interactive learning in various formats can enhance the learning experience and often make abstract concepts easy to understand. ISN Education portal makes learning nephrology from the world experts a simple task for everyone in any corner of the world.

Having trained in multiple continents, it was easy for me to understand the educational needs of both developing and developed countries. The age of the internet has created a world where every physician needs to be aware of the diseases and pathology existing in every corner of the world. I see the ISN Education portal providing a true global learning experience with various branches of nephrology such as general nephrology, tropical diseases, interventional nephrology, advanced translational research, transplantation, etc.

How important is ISN Education in ISN’s mission of advancing nephrology

ISN Education plays a key role in supporting ISN’s mission by providing easy access to learning nephrology and helping connect professionals interested in kidney and related diseases worldwide. It promotes programs such as Global Outreach Postings by providing an avenue for professionals
from developing countries to publish and interact with mentors from
developed countries. The wider collaboration with international organizations like DOPPS, KDIGO, The Cochrane Collaboration, help with distributing guidelines, disseminate recent advances in nephrology and ultimately achieve optimal standards of care, globally.

What do you enjoy most about the portal?

I feel the most liked feature is the easy access to audio-visual presentations from various national and international meetings. Besides, it also provides a one-stop-shop for guidelines and relevant commentaries from the experts. Interactive video presentations and histopathology images add tremendous learning experience. The “Ask the expert” section offers the opportunity to get answers from experts on problems faced in daily clinical practice. These unique learning resources provide a phenomenal opportunity for on-demand learning.

Are there any new projects on the horizon for the portal?

The traffic to the ISN Education website has been steadily increasing as evident by the number of daily hits on the website from all over the world. The ISN Education Committee spearheaded by David Harris and supported by the ISN Education Editorial Committee and various experts in the team, intend to advance the knowledge across all geographic and economic conditions.

In the future, the current momentum of the website will be maintained with live webinars that will encourage the audience to interact with the speakers and participate in live polls; create e-learning modules and also bring more live streaming webcasts from major scientific meetings.

Find out more about ISN Education HERE.


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