My World Kidney Day in Spain

David WKD 2014This year’s World Kidney Day was an incredible experience for me in many ways. It was the first time that it meant so much because I was selected as a champion of the event and asked to write a chronicle about what the day meant here in Spain.

Thanks to the Federaci?n Nacional de Asociaciones para la Lucha Contra las Enfermedades del Ri??n (Alcer), I had the chance to snoop around the stands and be interviewed to appear on national television. I would like to thank volunteers from the Universidad Europea Madrid school of nursing who did an excellent job with the information and measuring blood pressure. Also, thank you to the Fundaci?n Renal ??igo ?lvarez de Toledo (FRIAT) who carried out free creatinine and blood glucose level tests, finding an incredible 15% of people with a renal function below what is considered normal.
For the first time, I was busy on social media networks, asking for photos for the #glassofwater campaign. The response was incredible. My whatsapp was flooded with pictures and support for the campaign. During my visits to the stands, I met amazing people who told me their stories and I feel proud of what we have done. So much so, I hope to repeat it again next year.

Catch up with all the World Kidney Day activities that took place this year, CLICK HERE. Follow David Pino’s blog at


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