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0 by 25 Initiative



Nobody should die of preventable and treatable Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) by 2025. This is the clear and defined announcement that ISN is making today - calling on its members to work together to build more health equality worldwide.

Most of the time, AKI is preventable and treatable with few if any long-term health consequences. It is in emerging countries where the challenge resides. A difficulty in catching the disease early and a lack of data means that patients in these regions cannot get care before it is too late.

In the following pages, you will discover more about each step of this strategic initiative, and see what we are already doing to make this disease a thing of the past. The ISN Programs and the Saving Young Lives Programs have already made substantial steps to improve awareness, training and gather data. Teaching doctors about the basics of peritoneal dialysis is key to developing a short-term solution, and making treatment more affordable. We believe that with our experience in training doctors and raising awareness about the different issues within nephrology, we can start making this statement a reality. Together with Dr. Ravindra Mehta, the 0 by 25 Project Leader, we invite you to discover more and get involved in this exciting initiative.

This is one of the many ways we can make a difference and advance nephrology globally.

Giuseppe Remuzzi, ISN President 2013-2015 

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