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Biennial Report

Biennial Report 2011-2013 Cover

ISN's Biennial Report 20011-2013 celebrates the members, people, and leadership that led to another successful two years for the Society. This report provides a comprehensive overview of ISN activities and highlights the Society's achievements in helping to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney diseases in the developing and developed world.

ISN is a large vibrant global society, in many ways like an extended family, already active and growing on so many fronts. As we look back over the last two years we can report many good things which have been continuing, as well as some exciting new initiatives.

The achievements of ISN over the last two years are captured in the twin goals of diversity and sustainability which were the theme of WCN 2011 in Vancouver, and continued to be for WCN 2013 in Hong Kong.

As a global organization, ISN naturally puts a focus on diversity. Our members are very diverse, from a number of perspectives: they represent a spectrum of gender, age, geography and ancestry - but also have enormously diverse needs in terms of education, research, and access to information; and how they view ISN’s role in helping the development of nephrology within their own regions and countries around the world. We have been increasingly sensitive to this diversity in the way we teach and train and help build capacity. And from the sustainability point of view – ISN is committed to sustainable changes in nephrology practice, research and education. We want nephrology to grow and develop, and to promote permanent changes in nephrology, which improve the care of people with kidney disease all over the world. This can only be done through collaborations and building the support systems around the world.

Download a copy of the ISN Biennial Report 2011-2013


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