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Clinical Practice Guidelines

The ISN Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee (CPGC) was established in 2004 to address the ever-increasing number of guidelines being issued by various organizations and entities around the world. It was also formed due to the fact that ISN had been approached repeatedly — as the international society — for comments on (and endorsement of) guidelines.


It is not the intention of ISN to develop its own guidelines; however — through its Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee — ISN undertakes the following:

  • Supports KDIGO guidelines dissemination through ISN’s journal, Kidney International, and participates into planning meetings of the KDIGO advisory board. More information on KDIGO can be found by clicking HERE.
  • Evaluation of guidelines with particular emphasis on their impact on local practice
  • Formulation of recommendations back to the organizations issuing guidelines
  • Encouragement to develop guidelines focused on areas of unmet need
  • Endorsement of guidelines.

Endorsed Guidelines:

This section contains guidelines that meet the approval or receive the endorsement of ISN. These guidelines are produced or endorsed by a national or regional medical or health organization, professional society, government agency or expert panel.

Committee Membership (WCN2013 – WCN2015)

Chair: Gavin Becker (Australia)

Georgi Abraham (India)
Joanne Bargmann (Canada)
Ezekiel Bellorin Font (Venezuela)
Adrian Covic (Romania)
Dick de Zeeuw (The Netherlands)
Philip Li (China)
Maher Fouad Ramzy (Egypt)
Charles Swanepoel (South Africa)
Christoph Wanner (Germany)

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