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Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is typically conferred upon individuals who have made contributions of exceptional merit to the ISN and/or the worldwide field of nephrology. These distinguished people are considered true friends of our Society.

Typically two honorary memberships are awarded every two years at the World Congresses of Nephrology (WCN). Honorary members are nominated by the Executive Committee and ratified by the Council and are subject to approval by the General Assembly. In 2011, Prof. Eric G. Neilson (USA), Prof. Eberhard Ritz (Germany) and Dr. William E. Mitch (USA) have been nominated ISN Honorary Members.


Honorary Members
Nils Alwall (d.)     Gerhard H. Giebisch Eric G. Neilson
Giuseppe D’Amico     Carl Gottschalk (d.)  J. Oliver (d.)
Claude Amiel (d.) Jorge P. Alfonzo Guerra Gabriel Richet
Thomas Andreoli (d.) Jean Hamburger (d.) Eberhard Ritz
Robert Atkins Kiyoshi Kurokawa Roscoe R. Robinson (d.)
Rashad Barsoum Priscilla Kincaid-Smith George E. Schreiner (d.)
Alfred Blumberg Saulo Klahr (d.) Robert W. Schrier
Claus Brun Norbert H. Lameire Donald W. Seldin
J. Stewart Cameron Lei-Shi Li (d.) Klaus Thurau
Kirpal S. Chugh R.S. Mach (d.) Karl J. Ullrich (d.)
William Couser John Merrill (d.) Hugh E. de Wardener
John Dirks William E. Mitch Jan J. Weening
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