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The ISN-ANIO India Committee builds on the expertise of ISN to bridge gaps in healthcare provision for kidney disease across India. The Committee was initiated by ISN, Indian kidney doctors and nephrologists of Indian origin living abroad to improve care for patients with kidney disease in India. Founded in 2010, the committee was based on a partnership between the ISN, American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO), other nephrologists of the Indian diaspora, and nephrologists in India.

Vision and Mission

The Committtee is dedicated to reducing kidney disease and increasing treatment opportunities for patients in India.

It aims to prevent and treat kidney disease in India by enhancing nephrology services through tailor-made education and research programs.

The ISN-ANIO India Committee is committed to understanding the concrete needs of Indian nephrology, focusing on activities that will have optimal impact on kidney care across the country.

 ISN ANIO Executive Committee

1. Feehally           Ajay Singh               sudhir shah

Dr. John Feehally (UK)                     Dr.  Ajay Singh (USA)                          Dr. Sudhir Shah (USA)

ISN-ANIO Sub Committee

Mission: The goal of the transplant subcommittee is to advance all aspects of renal transplantation in India with a special focus on teaching, training and mentorship of committed individuals. Initiatives: 

  • Transplant Apprenticeships: The ISN-ANIO transplant subcommittee will sponsor candidates for 4-12 week apprenticeships in the area of tissue typing/transplant immunology through the Indukaka Ipcowala Program. The goal of these apprenticeships would be to provide training to individuals (tissue typing technician, immunologist, pathologist, nephrologist) in tissue typing and transplant immunology technologies, and also to develop long standing contacts and interactions between the Indian center and those in the United States or United Kingdom. There will also be an expectation that these centers will then develop into teaching and training hubs for other local centers in India.
  • Transplant Coordinators: A second goal of the ISN-ANIO transplant subcommittee would be to advance initiatives for the teaching and training of transplant coordinators.

Acute Kidney Injury
Chair: Dr; Ravindra L. Mehta (USA)  [email protected]  
Co-Chair: Raj Chakarvarthi

Chronic Kidney disease
Chair: Indiranil Dasgupta, [email protected] (UK), 

Renal Pathology
Chair: Dr; Ajay Singh (USA) [email protected] 
Co-Chair: Dr. Vanesa Bjol

Chair: Dr; Prabir-Chaudhury (USA), [email protected] 
Co-Chair: Dr. Georgi Abraham (INDIA), [email protected]

ISN-ANIO India Committee Activities and Programs: Get Involved!


Clinical Nephropathology Certificate ProgramNEXT DEADLINE MARCH 20, 2015

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the American Nephrologists of Indian Origin (ANIO) are pleased to announce the 2014 Clinical Nephropathology Certificate Program (CNC).

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Target audience:
Pathologists and nephrologists seeking training in the principles and practice of Nephropathology from all around the world are encouraged to apply. However, applicants from low- and middle-income countries are given priority.

Program Objectives:
• Identify the key principles in the preparation of kidney biopsy material – preparation of sections for LM, IF and EM. Review the different staining techniques and their purpose.
• Apply knowledge of different patterns of renal injury observed in histopathologic specimens in classifying syndromes of nephron injury and integrating this knowledge into the management of clinical presentations of renal disease.
• Use newly gained knowledge of specific renal syndromes or diseases (e.g., acute kidney injury, autoimmune renal disease, diabetic kidney disease, genetic renal disease, hepatorenal syndrome, pregnancy related renal disease) to infer pathophysiologic mechanisms and apply this to the management of patients.
• Use updated knowledge of kidney pathology for better patient management.

Program Structure:
The CNC program spans over one year and includes over 40 recorded online lectures and 12 live webinars (one each month). The course attendees are required to attend all the live webinars, pass short quizzes throughout the course, and pass a final exam in order to get the certificate.

Graduation Requirement:
The course attendees are required to attend >75% of the live webinars AND obtain a “pass” (a score of 75%) in both a mid-year and a final exam in order to receive the certificate.

Application Information:
Tuition Fees: $495.00 (USD)
Application Deadline: March 20, 2015

Application Forms found HERE:

Tuition Fees are waived for Trainees in MD, DNB, DM or PhD from low- and middle-income countries. Trainees must provide documentation for their training status. Educational credentials of any applicant is subject for verification.
Application form: Applicants must fill and submit the online application form by the deadline. If the applicant is a trainee, s/he must submit a proof of training and letter of endorsement from his/her department chair. 
Program dates: April 1, 2015 to March 30, 2016

Featured CNC Faculty:
• Gerald B. Appel, M.D, Director of Clinical Nephrology, Columbia University Medical Center
• Jamil Azzi, MD Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Vanesa Bijol, MD, Department of Pathology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Anil K. Chandraker, M.D, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Robert Colvin, MD, Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital
• Bradley Denker, MD, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Fernando Fervenza, M.D, Department of Nephrology and Hypertension, Mayo Clinic
• Ana Greka, MD, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• David Mount, MD, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Helmut Rennke, M.D, Department of Pathology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Leonardo Riella, MD Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Jai Radhakrishnan, MD, Renal Division, Columbia University
• Ajay K. Singh, M.D, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• David. J. Salant, MD, Boston University
• Sanjeev Sethi, M.D, Department of Pathology, Mayo Clinic
• Sushrut Waikar, MD, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
• Astrid Weins, MD, PhD, Renal Division, Brigham and Women’s Hospital


For any questions related to the course and the application, please contact: ISN-ANIO CNC Program Manager, Dr. Youssef Farag – [email protected]  

 ISN-ANIO Indukaka Ipcowala Apprenticeship Program

The Indukaka Ipcowala Advanced Apprenticeship Program has been established by the ISN ANIO India Committee to enable physicians or allied healthcare personnel from India to gain specific skills by practical experience in any field of nephrology, including but not limited to renal pathology, acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, kidney transplantation, dialysis.

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  ISN-ANIO Fellowship

The Committee supports ISN-ANIO Fellows, young Indian nephrologists who are selected through the ISN Fellowship Program for a period of training overseas.

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More information on ISN-ANIO India Committee activities and how to make a donation is available in the brochure below.

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