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Named Lecture

At the World Congress of Nephrology, renowned speakers present named lectures:

  Claude Amiel Lecture Donald Seldin Lecture Steven Hebert Lecture
2003    Roderick MacKinnon G?nter Blobel  –
2005 Peter Agre Amin Arnaout  –
2007 Gregg L. Semenza Kevin Davis  –
2009 Jules Hoffmann Kari Stefansson Kari Alitalo
2011 David H. Sachs David J. Salant  –
2013 Lisheng Liu Nine Knoers



  (Brenner) John Dirks Lecture Stewart Cameron Lecture
2003       Giuseppe Remuzzi
2005 David Weatherall
2007 Luc No?l
Francis L. Delmonico
2009 Jeremy K. Nicholson
2011 Wendy Hoy
2013 Adib Rizvi
Elmi Muller
Myles Wolf
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