Clinical Research: Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease and some risk factors among adult inhabitants in mountainous Northern part of Vietnam: A pilot study

image hai anName: Ha Phan Hai An

Hospital / Affiliation: Viet Duc hospital

Home Country: Vietnam

Host Country: Vietnam

Year: 2010

Status of your program: COMPLETED



Title of the project: 

Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease and some risk factors among adult inhabitants
in mountainous Northern part of Vietnam: A pilot study


Chronic Kidney Disease 


Short description of the project or abstract:

In Vietnam the patients with End-Stage-Kidney-Diseases are diagnosed late when the cost for replaccement treatment is hardly afordable, thus many patients are left untreated. Early detection of disease and appropriate management at early stage seem to be raisonable approach for Vietnamese people.
Unfortunately the screening policy is still not implemented due to limited budget. The data of prevalence of CKD and risk factors can be of great help in policy making and thus adjusting the budget. The project aims to learn about the prevalence of CKD (using physical examination, labsticks for urinalysis, blood urea and creatinin, blood sugar) and its risk factors (using questionnaire and focusing on history of Hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes melitus, cardiovascular disease, smoking, alcohol asumption, family history…) among adults living in mountainous area of North Vietnam


Learning or Research objectives:

  • Prevalence of CKD in studied population
  • Risk factors observed among studied population


Additional Info

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    ISN only
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    Oceania and South East Asia
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