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iPad 2 new design-6 top fantastic design for iPad 2

Harry Potttrer

Thursday, 03 Mar 2011 10:04

Today, iPad 2 is launched by Apple Inc. I make a conclusion for new design about iPad 2. Do you want to know what is 6 top fantastic design for iPad 2. Read more!!!

Top 1: New iPad 2 use Dual-core A5 chip. So the iPad 2 can do twice the work at once. At the same time, the iPad 2 graphics is nine times faster than iPad. And the battery can keep 10 hours.

For us: Multitasking is smoother, loading faster, apps perform better, and battery can help us watch all-nighter.

Top 2: iPad 2 more thinner, lighter. ItÂ’s 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter

For us: iPad 2 will be more comfortable for us.

Top 3: iPad 2 provide two colors for us

black and white

For us: More color, more fashion.

Top 4: New iPad 2 support HD video recording

For us: we can record HD video clips with camera and share with friends.

However, it is also only support MPEG-4 and H.264 format. So if you want to watch camcorder AVCHD to iPad 2 on Mac, JVC TOD to iPad 2 Mac, play DVD on iPad2, we must choose some tools.

Top 5: Two cameras.

For us: Front camera say hello to facetime with friends for iPad 2, and back one for sharing where you are or the environment around you.

Top 6: Smart cover, at least ten bright colors for us

For us: Protect iPad 2 screen, and beautiful

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