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How to transfer/copy iPod photos/pictures/images to Mac?

Athna Athna

Monday, 29 Mar 2010 06:05

You have just got a newly purchased Mac because your old PC was crashed, fortunately, the precious photos have already been transfered from your old PC to your iPod. Or you accidentally deleted some important photos which are still on your iPod from your Mac. There are many software with the function of exporting music or videos from iPod to Mac. But is there a program to get the photos from your iPod back to your Mac computer?

iPod Photo to Mac Transfer is the the excellent software for Mac users to transfer iPod photos to Mac computer. Mac iPod Photos Transfer supports to transfer, photos from your iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, iPhone, iPhone 3G to your Mac computer or iTunes easily.

How to copy iPod photos/pictures to Mac for Mac OS X?

1.Download and install iPod Photos to Mac Transfer.

2.Connect your iPod with Mac computer.

After connecting iPod with your Mac, all information about your iPod will be shown on the program list.

3.Export iPod photos to local Mac computer.

Open the photo playlist of your iPod, check the photos you want to export from the file list.

Click “Export checked files to local” button to export the the photos.

4.Select the export path

Select a local folder on the left panel on your Mac and click “Save” to store the exported photos.

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    • You have got a new macbook because yourold laptop died so all your music you had on your windows is only on your ipod. How to transfer the music from the ipod to the macbook without erasing the music on your ipod? The only option you can see on itunes is syncing, but it tells that if you sync it will replace what’s on your ipod with what’s on the macbook. You want to do the opposite of this, how to do it?

      iPod Music to Mac Transfer is helpful for Mac users to transfer iPod music to Mac computer without deleting or replacing the original music or songs. It also supports to copy photos or pictures from iPod to Mac or iTunes library.

      How to transfer iPod Music to iTunes on Mac OS X?

      1.Download Mac iPod Music Transfer and install it on your Mac computer.

      2.Run iPod Music to Mac Transfer and sync your iPod with the program.

      Run the program and connect your iPod with Mac through a USB, then all the iPod
      information will be shown on the main interface.

      3.Export iPod music/songs to Mac or iTunes.

      Open the music playlists of your iPod on the right panel, check the music files your would like to export.

      Click “export files to local computer” and begin to export iPod music.

      4.Specify the output path.

      Specify a folder on your Mac computer and save the exported iPod music.

      5.Complete exporting iPod Music/songs to Mac or iTunes.

      iTunes supports to copy music to iPod, however, only music or movies purchased from the iTunes store can be transferred from the iPod back to iTunes. Then how to put the videos or moives of iPod downloaded from iTunes store back on your new Mac becomes a problem to be solved.

      iPod Videos to Mac Transfer] is the splendid application for Mac users to put iPod videos or movies back on Mac or iTunes without losing the former files. Mac iPod Video Transfer also allows you to transfer ipod music to Mac or copy iPod photos to iTunes easily and conveniently.

      How to put iPod videos, movies back on Mac/iTunes for Mac OS X?

      1.Download and install Mac iPod Videos Transfer on your Mac.

      2.Connect your iPod with Mac and transfer iPod videos to Mac.

      3.Run the program, open your iPod movie playlist on the main interface, check the videos or movies you want to export to Mac or iTunes.

      Select a folder on your Mac to store the exported iPod movies or videos.

      4.Add the exported iPod videos or movies to your iTunes.

      Lanch your iTunes on your Mac, and add the iPod videos or movies to your iTunes movie playlist.

    • to copy ipod to pc is very easy through a simple software which i founded in a website …
      If you want you can also download the software and start copying ipod to pc


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