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How to add Flip video to web page with Web Video Creator?

Athna Athna

Friday, 21 May 2010 06:54

Looking forward to creating a more dynamic web page with animated flash slide-show? What about embedding the excellent Flip video footage to your site to make a full presentation of yourself? It sounds like a fantastic idea. The problem is that Flash video formats is not the appropriate format to embed on web. In addition, you also need an embed Flash player to help you to add the videos on web.

Web Video Creator is a powerful and easy to operate tools to add Flip video to Web Page. It enable users to convert Flip video MP4, AVI captured with Flip SlideHD, Flip MinoHD, Flip Ultra, Flip UltraHD to Flash SWF/FLV with different templates of Flash player to put your Flip video in a HTML page.

How to add Flip video to web page with Web Video Creator?

1.Add Flip video.
After launch the converter, click “Add Video” to load Flip video to the program.

2.Edit Flip videos.
Click “Edit” button on the left bottom, then you can crop the video to change video area, tune effect like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
Press “Clip” button to clip video as many times as you like.
Check 2 or more Flip video files to “merge” into one or “Slide” separate videos to a scrollable playlists

3.Customize output video formats.
Go the the step 2 of “Customize” to check “Generate HTML” to embed Flip video to web page.

4.Apply customization
Select your favourite flash player from the template and personalize the player by adding fatastic effect, preloader. You can also decorate your video clip by adding text, image and URL as watermark or promotion.

5.Start Conversion.
Convert Flip video MP4, AVI to Flash FLV, SWF to add Flip video to web page.

Embed Flip video on web page: After conversion, Open the output folder. Upload the files”.flv”, ”.swf” and ”**.jpg” to your website hosting server and open html file with notepad, copy the required code to your website.

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