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Membership Categories

Individual Membership
Member Sponsor
Member in Training
Associate Membership
Joint Membership
Collective Membership 


Individual Membership (Standard Fee: $217, Renewal Fee: $203*)

As an individual ISN member you receive the full entitlement to all member benefits including print and online subscription to Kidney International; online subscription to Nature Reviews Nephrology; reduced registration rates to ISN World Congress of Nephrology, ISN Nexus Symposia, ISN Forefronts Symposia; access to ISN Education online; access to the ISN Member Directory; receive ISN News and ISN e-Updates; voting rights; eligibility to serve on ISN Committees; and last but least eligibility to take part in or benefit from ISN Programs.

If you select multi-year membership, you can lock in your current year’s renewal membership fee for up to 5 years.

To apply for Individual Membership CLICK HERE

Member Sponsor (Standard Fee: $217, Renewal Fee: $203*)

An ISN Member Sponsor is an individual who pays the full membership fee but donates his hardcopy journals to a recipient physician from the emerging world who is otherwise unable to afford access to these scientific publications. The Member Sponsor simply applies for individual membership after which all other benefits and services, such as online access to the journals, are activated. The benefactor may either select a recipient or ask ISN to send the journals to individuals or libraries on the waiting list. These generous members are requested to send an e-mail to the ISN Headquarters.

If you select multi-year membership, you can lock in your current year’s renewal membership fee for up to 5 years.

To apply for Member Sponsorship CLICK HERE .

Member in Training (FREE)

Trainees in nephrology, aged 37 and younger, are encouraged to apply for ISN Member in Training. Members receive all member benefits except print copies of Kidney International. All other benefits apply. Eligible individuals must submit a copy of a valid form of identification stating their date of birth as well as a proof of their current training status. Submission of these files are done via upload to the established member profile.  pdf_icon In-Training Confirmation Form (pdf, 30.2 KB).

To apply for Member in Training CLICK HERE.

Associate Membership ($50)

The Associate Membership category has been set up to allow all health professionals involved in the care of people with kidney disease to be part of ISN and support its philanthropic and humanitarian programs to improve the care of people with kidney disease in the developing world. This membership category is only for renal health professionals who are not MDs – including dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and technicians. Associate Members receive all member benefits except print and online access to Kidney International, online access to Nature Reviews Nephrology and voting rights. All other benefits apply.

To apply for Associate Membership CLICK HERE .

Joint Membership (Standard Fee $155, Renewal Fee $134*)

The ISN Joint Membership Program enables 2-10 individuals from emerging countries to enjoy a group ISN membership at the reduced rate. One subscription to Kidney International (print) will be shared amongst the group members whilst online access to Kidney International & Nature Reviews Nephrology and all other ISN benefits can be enjoyed on an individual basis. The ISN Joint Membership Program is only valid for nephrologists from developing countries*. Persons from a country included in the below World Bank PPP list are NOT eligible). * Developing countries are based on the World Bank GNI Purchasing Power Parity (2011) of less than Int’l $ 10,000.

pdf_icon List of countries not eligible for ISN Joint Group Membership

Online Applications: CLICK HERE to apply online for Joint Membership. The Main Joint Group Member submits an application online. Once the application is complete, the main member is able to add additional joint group members online. Click here for instructions.

Mail, Fax and Email Applications: Joint member groups apply using the same application form whereby one person, designated as the ‘Main Joint Group Member’ fills out the ISN Membership Application Form with his/her details and carries out the payment. Once the application has been processed, the member is able to add additional members online. If you are not able to add additional members online, please click here for the paper form.

Collective Membership

The Collective Membership category allows nephrology societies to sign up all their members collectively. Societies who wish to be eligible for the special annual rate must sign up at least 75% of their total membership. These members are entitled to all benefits of a regular individual membership.

ISN has formed collective memberships with the below National Societies:

Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN)
Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN)
Dutch Federation of Nepfrology (NfN)
Hong Kong Society of Nephrology (HKSN)
Iranian Society of Nephrology (IrSN)
Israeli Society of Nephrology & Hypertension (ISNH)
Peruvian Society of Nephrology
South African Renal Society
Spanish Society of Nephrology (SEN)
Swiss Society of Nephrology (SSN)

To receive more information about Collective Membership, please email [email protected]


Application Form

If you are unable to apply online, please download the below membership application form and submit it either by regular mail, fax or e-mail (as a scanned document).

ISN Membership Application Form


If you have any question or issues with your membership application, please contact:

Katleen Bartnek-Gallagher
ISN Membership Administrator
340 North Ave 3rd Floor
Cranford, New Jersey 07016
United States of America
Tel: +1-567-248-9703
Fax: +1-908-272-7101
Email: [email protected]

Payment Information

  • All membership fees are collected in US$.
  • ISN has a rolling membership. Membership starts the date payment is received and ends one year later (unless multi-year membership is selected).
  • ISN offers multi-year membership locking in the current year’s renewal membership fee for up to 5 years.The first year is charged at the standard fee.
  • VISA, American Express and MasterCard are accepted via our online application system or by filling out and submitting the Membership Application form.
  • Checks can not be accepted in Euros. Checks should be made payable to the International Society of Nephrology. Payment via check is possible through the Membership Application form.
  • Wire transfers need to clearly state the name of the member applicant in the reference field. The ISN bank details are located on the Membership Application form.
  • * The renewal fees for renewing members are only valid up until the membership expiry date. These fees can only be applied for individuals who were members in good standing of the previous year and whose membership has not been interrupted for a year or more


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