How to Join

(1) Fellows: regular members and joint members
(2) Affiliated Societies
(3) Emeritus members
(4) Corporate members

1) If you wish to join the ISN as a regular or joint
you may download the forms (see below, format MS Word97). If
you are not able to retrieve the forms,  please contact the Membership
for application forms.

2) Requests for a Society’s affiliation should be
sent to the ISN Secretariat,
accompanied by a copy of the Constitution of the Society, a membership list, a list of
current Officers and a description of activities of the Society. Affiliated Societies are
requested to send an update on their boardmembers annually to retain their affiliated

3) Those who have been ISN member for a minimum of ten years can
make a request to the Secretary-General
for Emeritus Membership. Please mention cause, such as disability,
retirement, hardship, etc. Emeritus Members do not pay dues but may wish to keep their
subscription to KI at a reduced rate.

4) For Corporate Membership please contact the ISN Secretariat

For contact addresses please visit the “Contact
Us” page.

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