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Salaries in science differ. Are you paid what you’re worth?


Salary news

  • Where the jobs are

    2006 is expected to be a good year for new college graduates. full story 9 January 2006

  • Salaries of Scientists and Engineers Outpace Inflation

    Starting salaries for new baccalaureate college graduates showed healthy increases in 2005.

    Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology: full story 16 December 2005

  • Analysis of the American Chemical Society’s latest employment and salary survey

    Chemists with jobs post solid pay gains, but prognosis for chemical job market remains murky.

    Chemical and Engineering News: full story 7 November 2005

    Little change in hiring for new graduates.

    Chemical and Engineering News: full story 7 November 2005

  • Best Places To Work in Academia 2005

    Survey of 2,600 researchers from the United States, Canada and Europe reveal that colleagues, resources and opportunites for career advancement determine workplace satisfaction.

    The Scientist: full story 7 November 2005

  • American Chemical Society 2005 Employment and Salary Survey

    Results from the latest annual American Chemical Society survey of the salaries and employment status of its members.

    Chemical and Engineering News: full story 1 August 2005

  • Salaries of PhD Physicists 2004

    This is a summary of the latest salary data for physicists and related scientists.

    AIP Report: full story (PDF) November 2004

Postdoc resources

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