World Kidney Fund Art for Awareness campaign Featured

Cape Town How I Love You and All l Your Secrets Pamela SilverDuring the ISN World Congress of Nephrology, the World Kidney Fund (WKF) is launching an Art for Awareness campaign. Poster reproductions of “Cape Town I Love You and All Your Secrets” by South African artist Pamela Silver will be given to those who help raise funds for WKF projects.

The total amount raised will be donated to the different ISN programs supported by ISN’s new fundraising initiative. Donors will receive the poster and an official ISN/WKF certificate to thank them for their donations. Posters will be available at the ISN booth at the World Congress of Nephrology during exhibition opening times.

“This is an initiative where art supports kidney care and its development worldwide. It is a wonderful opportunity for all WCN participants to not only contribute to ISN programs but also bring back home a beautiful and valuable gift,” says ISN Executive Director Luca Segantini.

The World Kidney Fund is ISN’s direct online fundraising platform. CLICK HERE, to find out more. It sets out to raise individual donations for specific ISN projects. Through this initiative you can contribute to a project of your choosing and follow its evolution.

Find out more about Pamela Silver, CLICK HERE.

For questions and information about this initiative, contact Agnese at [email protected].

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