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Belarus German SRCISN Belarus German Sister Renal Center partnership raises awareness about treating Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) across intensive care units (ICUs) in Minsk.

This September, a multidisciplinary meeting took place in Belarus, focused on treating AKI across intensive care units. The course attracted doctors and fellows from intensive care and nephrology units in the Minsk area.

After the meeting, German specialists visited ICU of National Center of Transplantation.The course was made possible through an ISN Sister Renal Center (SRC) partnership between the Belarus Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and the University Clinic Charite in Berlin, Germany, which started in 2013 and has risen to level B status.

Speakers included local experts and specialists from Germany. Nephrologist and Associate Professor Kirill Komissarov spoke regarding the main issues surrounding medical care for AKI across ICUs in Minsk. He also covered the 2012 KDIGO guidelines 2012 that recommend using diuretics, dopamine and prophylactics of contrast-induced nephropathy. Associate Professor Viktor Gromiko presented the long-term complications of AKI.

The German speakers highlighted the practical and technical aspects of renal replacement therapy in AKI patients. Dr. Torsten Slowinski talked about anticoagulation during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy. Dr. Dmitro Khadzhynov reviewed evidence about the effectiveness of different renal replacement modalities and septic patients with AKI.

Discussion also arose about the effectiveness of hemosorption in septic patients. Professor Valery Kirkovskiy (National Center of Transplantation, Minsk, Belarus) shared his practical experience about the efficiency of the method in septic patients.

The meeting continued with two Belarus intensivists presenting the results from prophylactic treatment of AKI in patients after cardiosurgery operations (Dr, PhD Liana Shestakova) and in patients with hepatorenal syndrome (Dr. Evgeniy Santockiy).

There was an exclusive presentation by Professor Valery Pilotovich (Minsk, Belarus) about the perspective of stem cells using in AKI patients and results from research into the mesenchimal stem cells treatment of AKI, which was conducted at the laboratories of the Belarus Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The leader of RSC project from the German side, Professor Klemens Budde, was permanent chair of the meeting and took part in all discussions. After the presentations he shared his point of view on questions about the conservative treatment of AKI, in term of starting renal replacement therapy and choosing the dose of antibiotics dose in septic patients with AKI.

For more information about the ISN Sister Renal Centers and Continuing Medical Education Programs, CLICK HERE.

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