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ISN 0by25 initiative steps up the fight against AKI

 John and Gavin in MalawiSince the launch of the 0by25 initiative in 2013, ISN has made considerable progress in its fight against Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), notably in 2015 with the publication of a new 0by25 Lancet Commission and the results of the Global Snapshot study. Building on this success, the next phase of the initiative will deliver new, targeted activities, including on the ground in developing countries. This will permit a more timely treatment and diagnosis of AKI for patients with potentially reversible diseases.

The 0by25 human rights initiative, which aims to eliminate preventable deaths from AKI by 2025, is focused on three main streams of activity: evidence, awareness and action.

The first aim is to collect new data to improve the evidence of the global burden of AKI. This data is a key first step to building a strong case for action on AKI worldwide and raise awareness about AKI in the global healthcare community.

The Global Snapshot, launched in 2014, has already delivered important new data on AKI. The study, which was designed to better understand the growing burden of AKI in hundreds of centers globally, was the first time ISN carried out a web-based, prospective data collection exercise. The findings of the study are now available and expected to be published by the end of 2015.

Building on the data provided by the Snapshot, as well as existing published AKI data, the 0by25 Project Team are now working to establish AKI as an identified outcome in the Global Burden of Disease (GBD).

ISN is also working to raise awareness about AKI across the global healthcare community, among healthcare professionals, patients and, more widely, governments and public health institutions and the private sector.

One of the key objectives during this phase will be to map the existing education and awareness raising tools about AKI aimed at patients, healthcare professionals and governments. By identifying and developing the best available AKI educational tools, these can be adapted for use in every region of the world.

The third stream and a major focus for the initiative is establishing a sustainable infrastructure for AKI prevention, education and training, detection and management, which can be implemented according to local needs and resources. 

ISN is now in the process of developing pilot implementation projects, designed under a common framework, to be carried out in selected centers in low-income settings in Africa, Asia and South America. Initial results are expected to be available for the World Congress of Nephrology in 2017.

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