EAP training boosts interventional nephrology services at Pro-Renal Brazil Featured

Prorenal Brazil EAPCollaboration with the ISN Educational Ambassador Program has helped the Pro-Renal Foundation in Brazil develop its interventional nephrology services.

Former Chairman of the ISN Interventional Nephrology Committee, who leads the initiative, Dr. Miguel Riella believes the program would not have grown to this extent without ISN’s valuable training support.

ISN Educational Ambassador Dr. Donald Schon from the Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center in Phoenix spent two weeks in Curitiba and trained three interventional nephrologists from the Pro-Renal Foundation.

Since then, more than 110 angioplasties and 15 thrombolysis have been carried out by the group. Patients at the day hospital were treated on an ambulatory basis, avoiding hospitalization, which also helped cut down on costs. Currently, about 75% of interventional nephrology procedures are performed at this center on a monthly basis.

The center in Brazil originally lacked the expertise to perform endovascular procedures, mainly angioplasties in cases of stenosis of vascular access in hemodialysis patients.

With the growth and diversity of interventional nephrology procedures, the center now attracts young nephrologists from Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Canada and several states in Brazil.

For more information about the ISN Educational Program, CLICK HERE.  Find out about Pro-Renal Foundation Brazil, CLICK HERE.

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