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refugee webThe ISN Renal Disaster Relief Task Force (RDRTF) is looking to gather information relating to the current refugee crisis and kidney patients. Take part in this short survey to gather data on patient care.

Recently, we have been struck by the news and pictures of the refugee crisis and the humanitarian disaster that accompanies it. Such a situation always induces its own ethical and moral dilemmas, on the national and international political scene and its decision makers, but also in everyday life, when we are confronted with individual stories and cases rather than “the” refugee problem.

It has always been ISN’s mission to defend the rights of patients with chronic or acute kidney disease and those who care for them. Currently, it is not known if and to what extent the refugee crisis impacts patients with chronic kidney disease, their need for dialysis, or the level of acute injury. This lack of knowledge makes it difficult, if not impossible, to stand up for those patients in a meaningful and effective way.

We would also be interested to know the reactions of the nephrology community when confronted with individual patients face to face, and the ethical, moral, psychological and logistical problems this might create.

Therefore, we would like you to help us to collect this information by completing a questionnaire in SurveyMonkey®. The survey is short and takes only five minutes to complete, but will provide us with indispensable information we need to further advocate the rights of our patients.

CLICK HERE to access the survey.  

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