Four chapters of Understanding Kidney Diseases available on ISN Education

raynerbookISN Education has released four free chapters of Understanding Kidney Diseases by Hugh Rayner, Mark Thomas and David Milford.

Kidney diseases and the speciality of nephrology have traditionally been regarded as difficult to understand, particularly due to the use of complex definitions and terminology.

This text aids medical students and trainee doctors in developing their knowledge of the conditions covered and improving their ability to clinically assess patients and formulate a management plan. Once doctors are comfortable in interpreting these graphs, they can use them in consultations with patients about their kidney condition and so support self-management by patients, an increasingly important aspect of healthcare.
The chapters available through ISN Education include Kidney Anatomy and Physiology, Measuring Kidney Function, Plot All the Dots and Making a Plan for When and How to Prepare for End-Stage Kidney Disease.

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