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The ISN Advancing Clinical Trials (ISN-ACT) group is a new ISN Initiative to leverage existing infrastructures within ISN to improve how the global nephrology community conducts and participates in clinical trial research, through a series of activities and initiatives.

The aim of ISN-ACT is to increase the number of international high-quality clinical trials in nephrology, informing the optimal prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications for the benefit of patients. ISN-ACT has now a formal Term of Reference (ToR) document.

The Committee will pursue a number of tasks including, but not limited to, reaching out to new members, developing capacity in clinical trials, facilitating discussion of key issues in renal trials, and others, including activities at the 2017 WCN meeting in Mexico City.

We are now looking for ISN members who are interested in clinical trials to join in this initiative, as members of ISN-ACT and potentially of the ISN-ACT Executive Committee.

We hope it will allow us to build an ISN community of trialists that can help grow the evidence base in nephrology.

If you are an ISN member interested in joining this great initiative, CLICK HERE.

Enter your login and password and fill in the online form before Friday April 29, 2016. For any further questions, please email: [email protected]

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