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We are proud to share with you the outcome of the membership survey 2016. Your responses have helped us understand what you enjoy most about ISN and how you wish to contribute to our activities in the future.

Thank you to all who completed the ISN membership survey. You have helped us donate $5,000 to the World Kidney Fund. Five lucky respondents also got a free ISN membership. We have created a fun infographic that highlights the results of this survey, CLICK HERE.

ISN offers the latest and broadest knowledge about kidney research and patient care. More than 90% of you are happy with the expertise, programs and information we provide. Topping the main reasons for joining ISN is access to Kidney International (KI), KI Supplements and KI Reports, followed by supporting ISN’s mission and using the ISN Education portal, reduced fees at ISN events, society newsletters as well as contributing to and benefitting from the ISN Programs.

When it comes to member benefits, print and online publications continue to be the most valuable to you. ISN online education material is also important, such as webinars, presentations, articles, cases and guidelines.

As a Society, we aspire towards eliminating kidney disease globally. 66% of you believe we have the balance right between the number of science and humanitarian activities. You believe that the most valued ISN Program is the Continuing Medical Education Program, followed closely by Clinical Research, Fellowship, Sister Renal Centers and Sister Transplant Centers and Educational Ambassadors.

In 2016 and following your input, we are going to focus more on developing web-based educational tools and sharing further e-learning content. 29% of you voiced a strong interest in accessing webinars, presentations, articles, case studies, guidelines and an abstract database.

Register for our programs, share your knowledge or help us advocate for a better kidney care in your region and contact us at [email protected]

Find out about ISN membership, HERE.

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