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KI reportsKidney International (KI) Reports was launched by ISN and Elsevier in June. Now, this new publication has reached the 25-published research article threshold. It has also been officially added to Elsevier’s list of journals ready to apply for PubMed Central indexing.

The KI Reports submission page is live and the editorial board is currently accepting submissions. For further information, CLICK HERE. ISN members can use their KI username and password to access the submission site. KI login information remains the same for KI Reports.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Jai Radhakrishnan, MD, MS, and an editorial board of experts in the field, this open-access journal is designed to be a forum and a learning center for the improved care of patients with kidney disease.

It publishes original clinical and select translational articles, as well as other educational content related to the pathogenesis, evaluation, and management of acute and chronic kidney disease, end stage renal disease (including transplantation), acid-base, fluid and electrolyte disturbances, and hypertension.

Read more about the launch of KI Reports, HERE.

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